So, what is eLearning anyway?
It's a question we probably already instinctively know the answer to, unless you live in a bubble, but the real question is probably more along the lines of "How does eLearning really apply to me and how does it apply to our students". To help us on our journey to understanding that,my aim is to add at least one new site here every week in the hopes you'll have the time to check it out and thereby fill our resource bag and develop our collective understanding of what eLearning is about - for us teachers, and for our students. If you have a great site or resource you would like to contribute please feel free to do so too in the discussion area below!

Technology is a tool, not a teacher.



  1. If you'd like to unpack what eLearning is, you could begin with this great list of resources and links http://ictedservices.typepad.com/icted_services/conferences_presentations_publications/page/2/
  2. Then you might jump on over here for some ideas on HOW to plan lessons for 'Bring your own device' http://adifference.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-would-i-prepare-to-teach-byod-class.html
  3. In line with our AIP you should take a squizz at Differentiate Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0 Tools http://bit.ly/hADwvp

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