Step 1: Recreate the document supplied in class (Classroom Agreement). Pay attention to:
- font type (a similar substitute is acceptable), colour and size
- position of content and tables
- background colours

Your aim is to make it look just like the original.

Step 2: fill in the gaps with your own rights and responsibilities and steps for the consequences. Make sure you put your name on it in the appropraite place.

TASK 2: Advertising


Radio Commercials

Radio is another form of ICT that we are all exposed to with great frequency. When we use radio for advertising purposes we need to be very clear with our communication as it is purely auditory information - there are no pictures to help!

In PAIRS you task is to:

1. Download the sheet.
Be sure to save to your network space (H: Drive) and save with YOUR NAME as part of the Filename. eg Radio Advertisement Analysis - Bobby & Billy.docx

2. Listen to each advertisement below (1-5) and (6-9). While listening, record your analysis in the Radio Recording Sheet. You will need to listen a few times over to count the brand name repeats.

3. Discuss your opinion on the advertisements in the space provided on the sheet (it will expand as you type so say as much as you like!). What makes them good, what makes them bad? Give them a rating.

When finished remember to save the file then email to me laureen.barnard@gmail.com before next lesson.

4. Write a script for a radio advertisement for Beechworth Secondary College. Remember to include what sound bytes you might use (music, sound effects etc) and where to get them from. It must not be more than 30 seconds long.

5. Make a plan to make this advertisement happen for REAL!
  • What resources will you need?
  • What will you need to do?
  • When can you do it?
  • What format will it be in?
  • How do you get that to the radio stations (Indigo FM for example).
  • Write a GOOD copy of your script with all the above information. Save it and email to me before next lesson.
6. Create your radio advertisement! We will send the best of them along to Indigo FM - you might be famous soon!

TASK 3: Advertising

Fashion Design

Help plan an advertising campaign for clothes made by a fashion design company. Review catalogue mock-ups, images and marketing text. Choose the items which best meet the company's needs. Compare and contrast three magazines, and decide which is best suited for your target market. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words.

Navigate through each of the following interactive Fashion Design Apps. They showcase four facets of business that use technology (high tech and low tech) to perform important functions. After you have explored these apps you will chose a role - Advertising Executive, Fashion Designer, Quality Control Officer or Market Researcher.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 9.47.10 PM.png





Now you need to select a role and complete the assigned task:
1. Advertising Executive
Your job is to design an advertising campaign for a fashion product.

Your advertising campaign may be a
- radio ad (40 seconds - 1 minute)
- a TV ad (30 - 40 seconds)
- a magazine layout (3 - 5 pages)

YOU MUST CONSULT WITH a Fashion Designer to find out what they are designing (for you to advertise)
OR a Market Researcher to find out what is going to be designed.

2. Fashion designer
Your job is to design a full fashion range for a selected audience. You must choose your target customers.

Your range must include:
- a minimum of 20 co-ordinating items of clothing
- produce a digital portfolio presenting your ideas in a creative and eye catching way

Fashion sketches

You could also try using

Feel free to print template mannequins and sketch clothing over the top.

YOU MUST CONSULT WITH a Market Researcher to find out what to design.

3. Quality Control Officer
Your job is to create a detailed plan for controlling the quality in the factory.

- You will create a report on how each of the different roles controls their quality
- You must investigate quality control systems in the real world (what are the different types, what companies are leaders in this field?)

YOU MUST CONSULT WITH all others to make sure their quality is acceptable.

4. Market Researcher
Your job is to find out what consumers want to buy. What is their opinion on different fashion lines? How much would they pay for different items of clothing? What brand names do people like or respect?

- You will create at least 5 different surveys or ways of finding out this information (a focus group is another way to do this for example)
- You will conduct the research (with permission you can survey another class)
- You will write it up into a report that you will share with the Fashion Designers

YOU MUST CONSULT WITH the Fashion Designers to see what they might need to know

TASK 4: Individual Projects


Email completed Assessment Summary to me (make sure you put YOUR name in the filename!)

TASK 6: Infographics


On a MS Word or Google document answer these questions.
1. What is an infographic?
2. FIND one that is meaningful to you (save it to your drive). Don't make it the first one you find on a Google search - go deeper, look harder and smarter.
3. Describe it fully, including why you chose it
4. Explain it’s purpose (Entertainment, information, education, persuasion etc)
5. Now you are going to create your own infographic.
Remember is starts with DATA. So first you should have found some data that is interesting to you. Keep it simple...like these...


Use one of these tools (or another, better one that I don't yet know about) to create your infographic...







Mapping lots of locations http://batchgeo.com/

TASK 6: Binary Numbers

TASK 7: Real world ICT

To understand the use of ICT in different jobs/professions/careers
  • Select a job where ICT would be used
  • Research what this job entails and write a summary
  • Summarise the ICT they use
  • Create a presentation for the class (yes you DO have to present it)
  • DUE Monday 10th November


Select ONE purpose for information (educate, entertain, persuade, inform) and create an advertisement for this...
You have 2 periods to complete this challenge.

You can create:- a print advertisement using something like Word, Photoshop, Paint, a word cloud etcOR- an animation using something like Pivot, Voki, DvolverOR- a short clip using something like Moviemaker, iMovie, Photostory



Before you start programming apps you need to understand computational logic. Have a go at the great games and tutorials here to start with.


Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 7.46.34 AM.png


Create a plan for computer game.
Analysis - What is the purpose of making this game? What should it do? Who is it for?
Design - What will it look like? How many characters? How many levels? Where is it set? What is the plot?
Development - What happens throughout the game? This is the actual making part! Don't forget to test everything and to make USER INSTRUCTIONS
Evaluation - Did you achieve your aims? Is the game suitable?


How Computers Work 1 - Sorting Networks