What cool things can we use for P & D? Moving beyond Powerpoint now, you might like to try Prezi..

or create a digital portfolio with something like Yudu.

Check out what you can do with Yudu...yudulogo.gif

I did my P & D report as an online magazine with Yudu. It is so simple to create these cool flip magazines for people to read - just write them in something like Word and save as a PDF. Upload and you're done! You can also add bookmarks, highlights and notes. I can't put the sample up here for privacy reasons (student data and information) but I'd be happy to show you it!

What other ideas do people have? Add them here - or email them to me and I will put them up for you.

21st Century Learning skills

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The 4 Cs

Critical Thinking

Previously, we covered how to use Google Drive

An anecdote

Google Docs - How "a-bot" that?

Some resources...