In the maths classroom there are almost endless possibilities out there to explore. A few you might like to try...

Google Sketchup - Create 3D models of different shapes to explore. A fantastic collection of activities can be found here

Microsoft Maths - Create a chart, perhaps of survey results to collect data.

Wolfram Alpha - An amazing computational knowledge engine. Visit the site or use Wolfram MAthetacica on the student netbooks!

Visualising Fractions - The same says it all. Perfect for MY classroooms

Khan Academy - If you can think of any classroom topic you'd like t see a "how-to" video on then Khan probably has it. Amazing resource. Great for the "flipped" classroom (students do the lecture, how to at home then problem sets in the classroom). Brilliant resource for all subjects but particular maths. Khan Academy have just teamed up with MIT to create even more science based videos - amazing stuff so check it out.

Maths in Movies - Explore the maths in movies with this great resource. For exmaple you can explore powers of 3 (and other powers) in the movie "Pay it Forward".