Welcome to the BSC eLearning wiki!
“We should not be mapping the use of new technology onto old curricula, rather, we need to rethink our curricula and pedagogies in light of the impact that we know technologies can have on learning and meaning making in contemporary times.” - Yelland (2007)
At Beechworth Secondary College we are in the process of transitioning to 1:1 Netbooks across the school. This Wiki is a way of collaborating between teachers, classes, students and our feeder Primary Schools, to find out which programs innovative students and teachers use, and how mobile devices and ICT are integrated into classrooms.

Please participate by noting your ideas on the different pages of this wiki. Feel free to add more pages if you used or created something that is not included already. This wikispace will develop along with our collective experience of eLearning. I hope you will join with me in celebrating the work of our students and teachers, digital or otherwise, as we move through the complex world of 21st Century education and eLearning.

For some interesting articles on current discussions/thinking regarding 21st Century Learning and Digital Literacy head over the ABC and catch some of the great episodes of Future Tense with Antony Funnell. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/futuretense/



This wikispace is constructed and maintained by Laureen Barnard, Leading Teacher eLearning and Transition, Beechworth Secondary College.